Parenthood “Family Portrait” Review

The fourth season of Parenthood kicked off this week with "Family Portrait." The episode opened with Sarah undergoing intense questioning by her parents as to the status of her ring-less engagement to Mark and her ongoing job search. Although Sarah was unhappy about Mark’s exclusion from the portrait, things appeared to be taking a positive turn when she got a job with the Braverman family photographerHank (portrayed by Ray Romano). Hank’s prickly disposition and willingness to hire, fire and then re-hire Sarah had all the makings of both a personal and professional emotional roller-coaster.

Kudos to Mark for standing up for himself and getting Camille to relax the portrait policy. Unfortunately, the tension between Sarah and Hank may ultimately prove Camille right if Mark doesn’t last. I guess if it doesn’t work out, the Braverman’s can take Hank up on his offer to photoshop Mark out of the picture.

Adam and Kristina were bracing themselves for Haddie’s departure to Cornell, thus marking the transition of Sarah Ramos (Haddie) to recurring status. Although I understand it is designed to give a realistic effect, I have grown so exhausted of the family conversations in which Haddie, Max, Adam and Kristina all talk over each other. What I will miss, however, are the personal conversations between smaller subsets of the family. Private conversations like the one between Haddie and Max are among my favorite moments on Parenthood. Haddie may be gone but I suspect her absence will continue to have a significant effect on her family, especially Max. Read More... 


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Sep 21, 2012 7:02AM EDT

Amber amber when will you learn the one note trick pony of this character is getting boring fast, time for the writers to come up with something different for her . Joel is always the voice of reason when it comes to the kids .. Goodbye Haddie but finally she gets to escape Max and the asberger's what will happen to him and does the actor who plays Max have asberager's?

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