Alphas “Gods and Monsters” Review

Jason Miller, an Alpha that we were first introduced to a couple weeks ago in "Gaslight," returned toAlphas this week in "Gods and Monsters." While he had been in a coma, Jason’s abilities had been enhanced by his treatments with August Medical Group’s photic stimulators. Without realizing the full extent of his enhanced abilities, Jason had created a neural hive mind and was able to bring the people he touched under his control.

The episode started off with a pretty stereotypical high school set up. The class reject, Jason, had a crush on the beautiful, popular girl with a boyfriend, but he still asked her out despite the obvious risk of rejection and humiliation. Had this been a horror story, Jason might have used his ability to manipulate his classmates into harming or killing themselves, but all Jason wanted was to feel like he belonged. Read More... 


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