Awkward Review: Jenna Takes a Visit to What If Town

It’s hard to truly judge "Once Upon a Blog" using our usual Awkward tool set because the nature of do over or what if episodes tend to just be fun, neatly packaged episodes that are, in the end, mostly meaningless.

However, we’ll still do some exploration in to each scenario, and see if we can find some sort of theme throughout.

Matty’s do over is easily the biggest "anti-Jenna" of the three just because it really didn’t fit Jenna at all. While it was fun to watch Jenna decide to tell Matty up front that she wasn’t cool with sneaking around with him the minute Jenna let the popularity association of being near Matty go to her head she paid for her Bangladeshi Boobies and became a part of the plastics, I mean Sadie posse. Read More...


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