Bait - Review

With films such as 2-Headed Shark Attack and Sand Sharks propelling sharksploitation cinema into cheaper and more absurd territory, it’s refreshing to see decent shark flicks still being made on a modest budget, as is the case with the Australian sharks-in-a-grocery-store shlocker Bait. Featuring no has-been actors, real flooded sets, and a competent visual scheme, this terror-in-the-water outing effectively sets itself apart from most other shark movies made in the last ten years. Although the hook is cheesy, the film’s surprisingly serious tone ranks a few notches below the harshness of Open Water and The Reef, but shooting for far more dramatics than, say, Jersey Shore Shark Attack. This balance allows for more than its share of outrageous moments without selling out to rehashed Jaws cliches. Read More...


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