Glee Season Four Premiere Recap: 'The New Rachel'

Just when "Glee" was starting to spin its wheels with one too many countdowns to regionals/sectionals/nationals, Kate Hudson showed up and put Rachel Berry on her list.

It's a long way to fall from being top dog of Lima, Ohio’s No. 1 glee club, and Rachel's feeling the pain in the season premiere's opening scene, as she's singled out for abuse by Cassie, her frightening dance teacher at NYADA. We kind of love Kate Hudson as Cassie, and we're psyched to see whether the indestructible Berry will ever win her over.

Between her sexually overactive roommate, the teacher who has it in for her and two months of radio silence from Finn, Rachel’s New York life has so far failed to unfold like a Streisand movie. But she does meet-cute with buff NYADA upperclassman Brody, whom she bonds with over their complex moisturizing rituals and powerful egos. "In case you’re wondering, which you were," he says as he walks away in nothing but a towel, "I’m straight." Read More...


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