Review: Doctor Who, Series 7 Episode 3 "A Town Called Mercy"

I want to start this review by saying, the Mrs. and I just finished marathoning the surprisingly excellent AMC show, Hell on Wheels, so this western-themed Doctor Who episode "A town called Mercy" couldn’t have come at a better time. I found myself excited to see the doctor wearing a Stetson again, (because Stetson’s ARE cool), and looking forward to see what the show would do in a western man vs. man environment. Sadly, what whovians got this week was an episode heavy-handed with , Duality and allusion to the Doctor’s past while not so much making with the fun, or using Amy and Rory as anything but hostages and targets. There were some great one liner’s, and if I’m right some decent characterization of the Doctor. However, ultimately I’m not all that impressed with this week’s muddled offering of Doctor Who. Read More...


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