'Revolution' review: NBC's new drama looks for adventure off the grid

"Revolution" has probably the most intriguing premise of any new series this season. It stars a number of likable actors. The behind-the-scenes team has a proven track record in creating shows that balance strong serialized stories with well-drawn characters.In other words, it seems to have all the ingredients to be the water-cooler show of the fall. It's probably not a good sign, though, that all we could think about as we were watching the pilot for the NBC drama, which premieres Monday (Sept. 17), was steam engines."Revolution" takes place 15 years after something makes everything that uses any form of electricity -- from your iPad to your car to the simplest light bulb -- stop working. We see the calamity in a prologue: Planes fall from the sky and all the lights go out. Chicagoan Ben Matheson (Tim Guinee) knows why, although he doesn't have time to tell his wife (Elizabeth Mitchell) and two young...



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