Awkward “Once Upon a Blog” Review

I think that "Once Upon a Blog," this week’s episode of Awkward, might just be my favorite of the seriesthus far. Maybe it’s the fiction writer in me, but I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see a variety of "what if?" scenarios, courtesy of Jenna’s blog soul-searching. What conclusion did she arrive at? Well, it wouldn’t be a very good episodic television show if they didn’t wait to tell us that, but there were other conclusions drawn, namely the fact that Jenna really doesn’t like herself at all.

How else to explain the fact that in every scenario she tried to write, she ended up a terrible person with no friends? Except maybe in the Twilight-esque fantasy. BTW, is it sad that she conveyed more emotion in that parody that other actresses have in four, going on five movies? It’s clear that Jenna is her own worst enemy, far meaner to herself that Sadie ever could be…although Sadie would totally try to prove that wrong if given the chance. Read More... 


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