Revolution “Pilot” Review

It almost sounds like a bad joke: what do you get if you cross Jericho with Katniss from The Hunger Games? A Revolution.

The premise of Revolution is simple. One night, all the lights go out. The pilot opens on Ben Matheson coming home to his young family, telling his wife that ‘it’s all gonna turn off’, and then downloading computer files to an external flash drive. Moments later every vaguely electronic device goes kaput, fromairplanes to household batteries, leaving the Americas (and presumably the rest of the world) in the dark. What is everyone to do?

The series proper picks up fifteen years later. Mankind has adjusted to a more natural, rural way of living, though change hasn’t been without its casualties. The USA is now a collection of republics, the main one addressed by Revolution being run by the mysterious ‘Monroe’. It’s he who calls for Ben Matheson to be brought to him by his Militia men. The arrest doesn’t go well, however. This leads Ben’sdaughter, Charlie, a crossbow wielding beauty, on a quest to track down her uncle. Miles Matheson may be able to help Charlie, but first he needs to watch his back. The Militia are after him, too. But why? Read More... 


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