'Bones' Season 8 spoilers: Brennan and Booth's reunion, Cam's boyfriend

Much like the long wait between the "Bones" Season 7 finale and Season 8 premiere, it's been a long time since our favorite FBI agent/forensic anthropologist couple have seen each other. When Booth and Brennan finally reunite, there will be some tension amid the happiness. "Initially you're very happy to see somebody, but all of the three months of being abandoned essentially doesn't go away," executive producer Stephen Nathan tells Zap2it on a conference call with reporters. "So that's still kind of bubbling inside, and in the second episode we'll see some evidence of that. There are things that they have to get past. Even though they understand what happened to each other, that doesn't mean that it's easy to move on and to go back to what they had before. Everything will have changed a bit."PHOTOS: "Bones" Season 8 Although Brennan is still on the run when we first see her, by the...



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