Leverage's Summer Finale: Too Much Awesome for Just One Episode

See you November 27, Leverage! It's been a good summer, and I'll be sad to see you go.

For Leverage's big summer finale, TNT aired two episodes back-to-back. The first featured Hardison, Parker, and Eliot; the second focused on Nate and Sophie. Splitting up the characters worked really well. Team HPE was able to concentrate on the exciting elements of the show, while Team NS was able to focus on the humorous aspects. On one hand, this actually underlined the show's biggest weakness: It tries to do so much, and it has five VERY strong characters, but it has trouble squeezing all of its awesome into an hour-long episode every week. Maybe that doesn't sound like a problem, but it is because it means we sometimes go a few weeks without an Eliot smackdown, or Parker breaking into somewhere impossible, or a scene that makes us laugh at an immature volume. It's a balance issue, really. I'd love to see Leverage figure out how to fit all of its awesome into one episode... and then do that every week. Read More...



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