'Last Resort' bosses Shawn Ryan and Karl Gajdusek: 'We have the sexiest cast on TV'

"Last Resort's" intriguing, explosive and high-stakes submarine thriller premieres next week (Sept. 27). In addition to being a roller-coaster thrill ride, it features a huge, really good-looking ensemble cast -- including Andre Braugher's rogue submarine captain, his crew (why hello, Scott Speedman !) and the inhabitants of the island where they become stranded. But don't let the tropical setting fool you into thinking this is another "Lost." Co-creator Shawn Ryan (best known for his gritty, critically acclaimed cop drama "The Shield") acknowledges that "some similarities [to "Lost"] can't be avoided -- namely, a group of people on an island who would like to be home." "[But] 'Lost was a mystery wrapped in an enigma," adds co-creator Karl Gajdusek. "We have some great mysteries on our show [like a top-level government conspiracy], but I could flat-out tell the audience the truth and it would not diminish our show one iota." "If there is a similarity," muses...



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