The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Can’t They Go Back to St. Barts?

So is it a fact, Professor Cohen, that when these Housewives are back on their native island of Manhattan, they become boring again? I asked you a question, Professor Cohen! A simple yes or no would suffice! Order! Order! Overruled. Etc.

Look, this show sucks when the ladies are in their natural habitat, I’m sorry. All they do is wax poetic about times of yore when drama was nigh, and this ain’t The Reminiscing Housewives of New York City starring Heather as the sensible go-between everybody will still talk to! Or, it shouldn’t be. The only scene I actually sunk my teeth into like it was a lovely, chewy brownie was the one at the end between Aviva and Sonja. But I will get to that in good time. Or lousy time. Either way, it passes. Right? Read More...


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