American Horror Story: Check Out the Murder House App

The Murder House in the first season of American Horror Story was another character the show had in its arsenal. You could almost feel the residence, home to the ill-fated Harmon family and a hotbed of supernatural-infused activity, breathing and moving, nearly swallowing the family whole on multiple occasions. It bolstered the vengeance and destructiveness of the spirits trapped within the walls, their loneliness and confusion turning into anger and a penchant for violence with each year they restlessly roamed the halls.

Plenty of families passed through doorway of Murder House, a stop on a paranormal home tour in the area, before the Harmon family and plenty of people will follow in their footsteps, not knowing the horror the lays in wait for them. The thing is, will those people look into the history of the house before they officially purchase it? Or will the promise of a beautiful home for a severely reduced price be too good an offer to pass up?

With the new American Horror Story Murder House app, available here, you can find all the murder houses in your neighborhood. Once you enter your address into the space provided, you'll notice that the first house you're given to explore is your own. Was your home the sight of the type of unspeakable horrors we saw from the first season? Find out the history of your residence through searching for different items that hold a glimpse at the events in the not-so-distant past.

American Horror Story: Asylum premieres Wednesday, October 17th at 10:00 on FX, while the first season of the show will be available on Blu-ray and DVD September 25th. You can check out the most recent teaser for the upcoming season here, as well as the TVOvermind American Horror Story discussion forum here.

What did the app say about your home? Do you think you could have survived the infamous Murder House? What was your favorite part of the house in season one?


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