Saving Hope “Ride Hard or Go Home” and “Pink Clouds” Finale Review

As those of you taking the time to read this column are painfully aware, Saving Hope saw its last two episodes delayed, and then pulled with the final two episodes put up on the interwebs for those parties interested in the outcome of Charlie Harris and his fiance, Alex Reid. (While I am admittedly not that interested, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get yelled at by the 17 people who saw it through to the finish.) I, and several others, spent time discussing the show’s many shortcomings. However, it’s not a show without some merit. The show was never afraid of portraying death on the show, and it could play the emotional beats really well when they were earned. Unfortunately, an hour long drama cannot be made up entirely of the emotionally-wrenching moments. In the in-between, the show would careen off the rails. While the idea for the show sounds interesting, it ultimately seemed to cause problems in the writers’ room as they kept searching for more and more plot contrivances to keep the suspense going. Ultimately, NBC spent very little money on a Canadian show that wasn’t very good. No one watched, and now it’s gone. The odds were stacked against it from the get go, and it wasn’t good enough to reverse it. It’s certainly not the first show to suffer such a fate. Read More... 


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