Sons of Anarchy Promo - 5.03 "Laying Pipe"

After last nights Sons of Anarchy, we know that Jax, Chibs, Tig, and Opie are headed to county where Pope's law enforcement and inmate connections aim to leave one of them dead.  The CIA is flirting with the idea of not offering them any protection, and simply letting those members die in favor of a 'backup' plan.  Looking at this trailer from next week's "Laying Pipe", it appears that the CIA is going to rely on the backup plan.

Of course, no matter how tense it becomes we know most of the Sons will make it out of jail alive.  Seeing how they pull it off is part of the fun, the other part is what happens afterwards.  In traditional myths, a journey to jail counts as the archetypal 'underworld' journey where the heroes emerge into a changed world, or themselves changed in some significant way.  It seems that in this case,  Clay is going to get a bit closer to Jax's secret deal, a secret that could ruin his reputation amongst the sons.  For the CIA's part, they need Clay more than Jax, so the big question after watching this preview is just what will they tell Clay if they assume Jax, Chibs, Tig, and Opie are going to buy the farm.  Sons of Anarchy at its best.

I must say, one of the most interesting scenes in the promo is Jax and Damien Pope.  Jax says "I'm not going to war." and Damien Pope replies "You're already in it, son."  This suggests that Pope is not content to merely get an eye for and eye, he intends to take out the Sons of Anarchy completely.  Pope's seemingly infinite resources would make him the most challenging for the SOA so far.  Have any theories yet on how the Sons of Anarchy could turn the table if diplomacy fails?  Be sure to share them in our Sons of Anarchy forum.

Sons of Anarchy "Laying Pipe" Premieres Tuesday at 10PM EST on FX.


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