Go On Episode 3 Review - "There's No 'Ryan' In Team"

After being a little underwhelmed last week by the second episode of Go On, I was pleasantly surprised by "There's No 'Ryan' In Team." This episode definitely came closer to striking a balance between the good, funny humor and the real, raw emotional that Go On did so well in its pilot. Even though I'm still not laughing out loud very much during episodes of Go On, I definitely left this week with many more smiles and a greater feeling of connection with Ryan and the therapy group.

The main focus of last night's episode was Ryan's struggle to call the group his "friends." Even though he has started enjoying therapy and is getting a lot out of it (this week he tells them about how he is waking up at 1:23 every morning, because that is when his wife, Jane, would always slap him awake in the middle of the night), Ryan wants to keep this circle of people and this part of his life separate from everything else. By making this a conflict that affects not just Ryan but the whole group, Go On showcases all of the group's members in this episode, allowing each one of them, for the most part, to have a memorable moment or line that gives us more insight into their cooky behavior. Read More...



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