Gintama Episode #209 Review

Sometimes Gintama can find itself a little too self involved, which is something that happens for the first several minutes of this episode as it has a ballad performed about Hasegawa, "The God of Cardboard," with a little inset of the guitar and singing going on while clips from the past with the character play out. It starts off cutely enough but when it runs for a couple of minutes, it’s almost sleep inducing because of the style of it. Thankfully, the show wants to change things up a bit after that with a Gintama movie special announcement that gives us a high quality, dark edged looking piece which is also quiet, but at least has a little more impact to it as it shows Gin in battle mode, done in black, white and red, as they’re covered in blood and ready to do what needs to be done. Unlike the music piece, this does at least attract some attention as he pairs up with Katsura against an army. Read More... 


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