Gintama Episode #212 Review

Pirako’s story continues with this episode as she works her way into the world by causing a whole lot of problems. After the incident involving Otose in the previous episode, which has left one of the Four Divas in the hospital in intensive care with the possibility of never waking up, Pirako is making her play against Lady Kada with her goals that need to be accomplished. Kada plays her game close to the chest and it’s amusing to hear Pirako call her out for being difficult to deal with as all women are since you can never tell what they’re really thinking. Considering what Pirako has done since her introduction, it all applies to her as well. Kada does have some choice words that almost seem like they might stab at Pirako, but Pirako continues to be very hard to read with what she wants and what really affects her. She’s always got a reply to people as well which can be a bit annoying after awhile. Read More... 


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