Gintama Episode #213 Review

With life in the Kabuki District now being turned upside down as the gang-up on Gin has turned bad since he’s there with Kagura and the others, it’s a huge amount of bloodshed that’s unfolding which is fun. When Gin and the others get serious, it’s a very well animated show that goes beyond its comedy roots and shines pretty well. When it starts to mix the two, as it does after the first minute or two here – including a Rocky theme playing of all things – it’s a hell of a lot of fun as everyone comes to the aid of Gin in order to save Otose’s place and what she’s accomplished in this area. While Gin has made friends and enemies over the years, there are times that all of it is pushed to the side to deal with something that’s important to all of them and this is one of those times. So many have turned out to push back against Jirocho’s gang. Read More... 


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