Gintama Episode #215 Review

With the Pirako and Jirocho arc behind us now, thankfully, Gintama moves on to other things. With the previous arc being so involved in the very earth bound and bloody side of things, this one brings us a bit more of the science fiction that does populate the series as it spends a good part of its time out in space with the amusing cast of characters that exist there, including the cow-butler that I can’t help but to stare at. There’s some amusing moments as it deals with the men there, particularly when they go on about the woman of their dreams in whether she’s more of a DS or a Genesis, followed my insistence that one of them is definitely not a Sega fan, certainly has its moments. But it all comes down to the main point that there are things occurring on Earth that need to be dealt with, tools that need to be put away, and that has them heading there to make sure that their bosses main interests aren’t interfered with. Read More... 


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