Sword Art Online Episode #09 Anime Review

So, Kirito and Asuna come inside the boss room and see "The Gleam Eyes." And then run away in terror. By the way, I don’t think this will be the end of the matter, especially if one looks at the opening animation to the series carefully.

As it happens, Klein and his guild come along for a while for some comic relief. The good times don’t last for long, however, as another group, the Aincrad Liberation Army, arrive under their leader Corvatz, and demand the map data from Kirito for what’s ahead. He hands it over, but advises them not to take on the floor boss. Of course, you can already guess what happens: they go after the floor boss and lose horribly. Kirito, Asuna, and Klein’s guild come along to watch, and intervene at the last moment when Asuna charges in, not willing to just watch the others die. This forces Kirito and the rest to join in as well. The fight goes badly, but Kirito pulls out a special ability that he has been holding back, as he becomes a dual-wielding force of nature. It’s barely enough to win against The Gleam Eyes, as Kirito survives with just a few hit points left. Read More...



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