Sword Art Online Episode #10 Anime Review

Oct. 20, 2024, Floor 75 Collinia, we have a large arena. Obviously, the match between Kirito and Heathcliff is a major event, with tickets being sold. Asuna is none too happy about this duel, since Heathcliff is not some mere pushover, but an extremely talented fighter with a special power of his own, an attack/defense power up that is nearly impregnable.

So, Kirito’s dual-wielding will be pitted against Heathcliff’s nearly impenetrable defense. At a vital moment, when Kirito thinks he has a chance to get Heathcliff, something strange happens: time almost seems to stand still, and Kirito’s attack misses, leaving himself open to Heathcliff getting in a solid strike, one which wins the duel. Read more...



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