'The Simpsons': 'Treehouse of Horror XXIII' pics, plus Homer casts his ballot

"The Simpsons" will air its annual "Treehouse of Horror" episode on Oct. 7 -- the earliest the Halloween anthology has ever aired. Let's take a look at the episode.FOX's pictures from the episode include one showing Homer and Marge as Mayans witnessing the prediction that the world will end in 2012 (our guess: It's the pre-credits bumper).Going back to the past seems to be a theme in "Treehouse XXIII." We'll see a young Marge possibly making a deal with the devil (which also seems to involve Selma and Patty).In another story, Bart time-travels to 1974 so he can buy a comic book at its cover price but ends up interrupting his parents' courtship, a la "Back to the Future." It results in a whole bunch of Homers piling up in the present, and also probably explains Artie Ziff's presence on the poster.Also, the Springfield Supercollider malfunctions, creating a black hole that sucks all of Springfield...



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