Revenge Sneak Peeks: Emily Pursues a New Plan and Daniel Drowns His Sorrows

The first sneak peeks from the Revenge season 2 premiere have been released!  After some time apart, Emily and Nolan reunite to discuss Emily's new plan: find out what happened to her mother.  She returns to her house in the Hamptons with Nolan and tells him that Takeda kidnapped Amanda last season in order to train her to act as Emily's ally and then returned her.  Unfortunately, Emily is still rather suspicious of Amanda and Takeda.  Later, Emily goes to find Amanda at the Porter homestead and tells her that she's on a different path now, so she won't be needing her help.  When Amanda insists that she's going to be helping Emily and staying with Jack, Emily warns her that her entire life with Jack is built on lies.


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