Glee Preview: Sarah Jessica Parker Guest Stars

Brittany was in a funk in this week's new episode of Glee.  After getting kicked off the Cherrios because of her dismal grades, Will tried to cheer Brittany up by assigning the glee kids another week of Britney Spears songs.  But his good intentions backfired.  The rest of the kids seemed to enjoy it, but Brittany had a Britney-style meltdown - completed with an umbrella attack and a disastrous lip-synced performance of "Gimmie More".  In the end, Brittany used her igenuity to get back on the Cheerios and tried to improve her grades with a little help from Emma and Will.

Meanwhile, Santana made her first appearance via a skype chat with Brittany, but it looks like the girls are being pulled apart because of the distance between them.  Puck also showed up when called by Will to give his half-brother a talking-to and convinced him that the glee club was the place for him.

In New York, Rachel and Kurt decided to move in together and found a huge warehouse loft outside of the city.  Rachel also learned that Cassandra was a disgraced former Broadway actress and accused her of being hard on Rachel and other students because she's angry about her career being behind her.  In the end, Cassandra told Rachel that she's being hard on her because the stage will be hard on her and she just wants to get her students ready for the real world.

Sarah Jessica Parker joins the cast next week in an episode titled "Makeover" when Kurt applies for his dream job at Vogue.  Back home, Blaine and Brittany battle for the title of student council president.

Watch a preview below for the September 27 episode of Glee, airing at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.  Use the arrows above to browse through photos for the episode.


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