Doctor Who “The Power of Three” Review

This week’s episode of Doctor Who, "The Power of Three" was a reflection on the life of the Ponds and their friendship with The Doctor. Unless you’ve been completely tuned out to any previews or news related to Doctor Who, you probably already know that the next episode of Doctor Who will tell the story of the fall of the Ponds. In that context, it’s somewhat appropriate to have this episode be a warm, emotional story that highlights just how important the Ponds have been to The Doctor.

The Doctor sees Rory and Amy’s slower, everyday lives, and we see Rory and Amy considering acommitment to their "real life." Amy tells Rory’s dad, Brian, that they estimate that they’ve been traveling with The Doctor for 10 years now – just not on their Earth timeline. They’re older than the friends and family they leave every time, and even when they try to come back as quickly as possible, there’s still mysterious gaps in their lives. Read More... 


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