Boardwalk Empire “Spaghetti & Coffee” Review

The third season of Boardwalk Empire continued this week with the release of Eli Thompson from jail. It was pretty clear that things would not be the same for Nucky’s brother when Mickey Doyle, of all people, was given the task to pick Eli up. Doyle is definitely an acquired taste for many on the show but I love when he gets screen time so that I can enjoy that goofy, infectious laugh.

Eli asked the question that many Boardwalk Empire viewers have had since season one – how is it that Mickey is still alive? We learned that Nucky has been laying low after Richard Harrow shot Manny’s face off, as Mickey so aptly put it. As such, he could not be bothered with picking up his brother from jail, which I think was as much about his safety as it was about sending Eli a very clear message about his placement in Nucky’s criminal enterprise. Eli was officially under the supervision of Mickey. Read More... 


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