Copper “Arsenic and Old Cake” Review

This week’s episode of Copper, "Arsenic and Old Cake" really proved that everyone in 1864 New York was probably a scumbag. Corcoran might be driven by his personal sense of justice, but in the past, we’ve seen that he’s not entirely upright either. I suppose Matthew and his wife, Sarah, might be the only good people left in the state.

I had a sneaking suspicion about Elizabeth being a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and seeing the way she behaved this week confirmed my suspicions. It wasn’t so much that she brought in Annie’s "father" to collect her, it was that she lied about it to Corcoran. Elizabeth might have been able to argue that she had no idea that she was sending Annie back to an abusive home, but when she lied to Corcoran about where Annie was, it was clear that she knew exactly what she had done. Read More... 


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