The Inbetweeners (MTV) “Class Clown” Review

This week on The Inbetweeners "Class Clown", we get a good look at what this show could be when it finds some solid ground: not ground-breaking or laugh-out-loud hysterical, but a dependable teen comedy, one that’s enjoyable and easy to digest.

The setup is sitcom 101. The A plot, which sucks up a majority of our time, is another misstep in Simon’s hopeless journey towards wooing Carly. This time around, her house is being fumigated, and her family is staying the night at Simon’s. It’s a sleepover, just like when they were kids, complete with vaguely supernatural games; astral projecting standing in for a Ouija board. Unfortunately, this was the section of the episode that fell most flat for me. Simon’s "flustered and lovesick" act is wearing thin on me, and neither he nor Carly is defined enough beyond their relationship to one another to give me anything to grip onto in their scenes together. Read More... 


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