'Castle's' Stana Katic: Castle and Beckett's sex is 'phenomenal'!

We didn't think we could possibly be more excited about "Castle's" Season 5 premiere on Monday (Sept. 24)...and then we talked with Stana Katic. In case you missed the memo, Beckett and Castle (Nathan Fillion) are a full-on couple following their passionate hookup. So naturally, our first question to Stana was, "How's the sex?" "Phenomenal!" she replied. "Could not be any less than phenomenal." "There's so many different kind of layers to lovers," she adds. (Anyone else get goosebumps when "Castle and Beckett" are described as "lovers"?) "I think these two really enjoy each other, and enjoy exploring each other, both physically and intellectually. So I think what's going to be exciting for the new season is that we're going to get really cheeky." Don't expect any PDA just yet though. "The NYPD has a strict policy about coworkers dating -- they don't allow it," notes Stana. "So Castle and Beckett are forced to...



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