Doctor Who 7.04 Recap - The Power of Three

Before this season premiered, we’d known the episode titles and basic descriptions for this first batch of episodes – except this one. This episode was a bit of a mystery. There set pictures, there weren’t casting announcements, there weren’t hints being given. Finally, at the end of last week’s episode we got a trailer, and thus a good hint of what was to come – a full year in the life of the Ponds.

Again we open with a voiceover (weird), but this time its Amy. She tells us life with the Doctor is a bit of a whirlwind, but life at home is much slower. Rory and Amy feel like they have to choose between their two lives, but naturally keep putting it off because really, who would want to give up all that? This story is about the one time when they didn’t join the Doctor, the Doctor became a part of their lives: the Year of the Slow Invasion. Read More...


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