Doctor Who Series 7 Episode 4 The Power of Three' Review

So much, yet so little given in last night’s offering of Doctor Who. I’m going to forego a semi recap like I’ve been doing as:  1) if you are reading the review you probably know what happened and 2) I feel that there is a bit more to talk about when it comes to the characters of Amy, Rory and the 11th Doctor. Plus I feel like if I start nitpicking the events of "The Power of Three" (especially the ending) I might write 2,000 words, that will mostly be a rant that starts with why would any government let mysterious cubes lie around everywhere, and end with, the big bad was a hologram of a race of aliens the Doctor considers a bedtime story, then the doctor waves his sonic screwdriver at a board and everything is fine. Never mind  the 24 hours of dead people on the street who actually should be brain-dead, just getting up, like nothing happened, or that the big bad for the episode had a shoddy reason, Why no one ever noticed the same little girl just standing around a hospital, and why wouldn’t the doctor have noticed the…and… You know what?... NO. I’m going to stop because honestly, nitpicking aside I did like the episode. It was just heavily flawed. However, the relationship between the Doctor, Amy and Rory  was placed front and center quite well. So in the interest of being fair. That’s where this review is going; because, if anything, "The Power of Three" gave us Whovians an actual goodbye to the Ponds. Read More...


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