'American Idol': Keith Urban having fun, Nicole Kidman will be appearing

During the 2012 Emmy Awards red carpet, "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest was performing one of his million other jobs by hosting interviews and one of the pairs he got to speak with was new "Idol" judge Keith Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman, who is nominated for an Emmy.In talking about how "Idol" is going already, Urban says he's having a good time."I am [enjoying it] and I'm very glad you're there and I'm glad Randy's there, it's a good comfort level," says Urban. Interesting how he's glad Ryan and Randy are there. Surely it's because they are veterans of the process and not, say, because the two judges he doesn't mention by name are not getting along. Heh.Seacrest also asks Nicole if she'll be making any backstage appearances on "Idol" and she says next year -- but don't jump the gun, she doesn't mean next season. She means in 2013, when the live...



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