'Partners' will make you laugh in spite of stale jokes


In this age of smart, single-camera comedies, watching CBS' new sitcom "Partners" feels like an unwelcome walk down memory lane. It's filled with cliches, obvious jokes and seemingly canned laughter...but you'll still laugh in spite of yourself. "Partners" follows the lifelong BFF-ship between David Krumholtz's Joe and Michael Urie's Louis, who are now partners in their own New York City architecture firm. Krumholtz is the likable Jewish everyguy; Urie is his overwhelming gay friend. Complicating their bromance is the fact that Joe has just gotten engaged to jewelry designer Ali (Sophia Bush), and Urie is in a long-term relationship with the handsome but dimwitted nurse Wyatt (Brandon Routh). Urie meddles; hijinks ensue.PHOTOS: Fall TV's familiar faces Despite the old-school, obvious gay/straight jokes that pepper the sitcom, it's hard not to see some potential in the cast of the comedy, from "Will & Grace" creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick. Krumholtz and Bush are down to...



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