'Hawaii Five-0' Season 3 premiere, featuring the most ridiculous thing 'Hawaii Five-0' has ever done

A lot of what went down in the Season 3 premiere of "Hawaii Five-0" was pretty strong stuff. The show resolved its cliffhangers in short order, gave Daniel Dae Kim some meaty, emotional scenes to play and introduced both McGarrett's mother, played by Chrstine Lahti, and some intrigue surrounding her return.The episode also, however, contains the single most preposterous bit of action the show has ever done, a set piece so insanely over the top that Michael Bay might blush if he saw it. "Five-0" has done more than its share of big action sequences over its first two seasons, but the Wo Fat breakout scene trumps them all, then picks them up with a giant claw, drops them into the ocean and leaves them for the dive team to recover.(Spoilers for the Season 3 premiere below.)From the moment the armored car and its line of police escorts left the prison yard and started down...



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