'Revolution' Recap: These Ladies Pack Heat

Now on Team Charlie, Miles (Billy Burke) sets out to find another fighter for the group and we are treated to the first of hopefully many twists in tonight's episode.

Introducing Nora

As our gang is likely to face off against some highly trained soldier-types during their journey, Miles decides they should have at least one more skilled fighter on their side. Enter Miles' gal pal, Nora (Daniella Alonso). Apparently, she is very good at blowing things up and Miles thinks they will need her if they have any chance of rescuing Danny (Graham Rogers) from the militia. Like Miles, Nora is a pro at fighting and will clearly be an asset for our group, assuming she and Miles don't kill one another first.

I imagine we will learn more about their seemingly complicated history in the weeks to come but for now, it is fun to watch them team up and take out militiamen in order to retrieve their very own sniper-riffle. A riffle Nora plans to hand over to the resistance movement, as she joined the rebels in her time apart from Miles. Oh, and she wants to be the one to take out General Monroe (David Lyons). That is lofty goal but I like Nora's can-do attitude, as well as her ease at putting Miles in his place so I'm definitely rooting for her.



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