'Castle' Premiere Recap: Castle and Beckett Make It Official

Mark my words here: Castle is on fire. And I mean that creatively, of course, although there was some actual fire in tonight's episode. (Also explosions! Also nudity! Also, Alexis was drunk and I wanted to have flashbacks of her doing a drunken version of the Gangnam Style dance. But I realize this show isn't written entirely for me so...)

Last year, Castle reached the point of diminishing returns on the show's central conceit: a will-they-won't-they crime fighting duo. It wasn't the first we've seen on television and, knowing network TV's love of procedurals, it certainly won't be the last. But last season, Castle did something shocking in the television universe: it committed to the central couple. Instead of pulling the sexual tension out until it was ridiculous, the show made it clear from the early episodes of last season that we were on a ride and Castle and Beckett were the destination.



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