'Vegas': It's 'cowboys vs. gangsters' for Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis


At first glance, "Vegas" -- the heavily hyped CBS drama premiering Tuesday, Sept. 25 -- looks like a throwback to a TV drama from several decades ago. It stars Dennis Quaid in his network series debut as Ralph Lamb, a local cattle rancher pressed into service by the Las Vegas mayor (Michael O'Neill) when the town's sheriff goes MIA under mysterious circumstances.The time is 1960, and Vegas is in an awkward transition from the bump-in-the-road casino town familiar from Warren Beatty's "Bugsy" into the glitz magnet that it would become. Certainly a financial boom is in the offing, however, and that has caught the attention of the Chicago mob, which has dispatched Vincent Savino (Michael Chiklis playing a composite character) to look after its interests -- which, from all appearances, are in direct conflict with the values and interests of Lamb and his fellow locals."Basically, 'Vegas' is about cowboys vs. gangsters," Quaid tells Zap2it, laughing....



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