NCIS Season 10 Premiere “Extreme Prejudice” Review – No One Messes With Gibbs’ Family

In the NCIS 10 premiere, called "Extreme Prejudice," we finally find out what happened to everyone whenthe bomb went off and see with how they deal with the effects of Dearing’s attack.

I feel like so much went on in this one that maybe the best way to talk about it is to take on each character’s story separately. First of all, they started us out with Ducky which was great. Sure, yeah, I know no one is actually going to die but I was still worried about him so it was nice to see him awake and talking. I’m also glad that he didn’t immediately go straight back to work, but took it easy as it allowed Palmer to step up and act as M.E. for the team. But even though Palmer was doing Ducky’s job, I’m glad that he did it with his own Palmer-like flair. Ducky is known for his stories and Palmer is getting known for his inappropriate jokes. Read More... 


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