Vegas “Pilot” Review – Welcome to Vegas, Baby

Well, Vegas certainly started off with a punch.literally. Within the first five minutes of the series Dennis Quaid’s Ralph Lamb beat the tar out of several smug air traffic controllers for continually allowing planes to fly low over his ranch and spook his cattle. This just might be alright folks.

Vegas takes place before Las Vegas was, well, Vegas. Set in the 1960?s, Vegas takes us back before the big casinos sprawled across the Nevada desert and most of the land was still nothing but dust. It’s a time when mobsters were just getting their foothold on everything in the town. Everyone was on the takeand the sheriff knew where all the bodies were buried. It’s a very wise choice on the part of the creators to set this show back in time. Sheriff Lamb wouldn’t be able to be a very effective lawman in modern day Las Vegas. He is not overly concerned with violating a person’s civil rights, and he’s not above punching a prisoner in the mouth for being rude to a lady. Lamb is a man who’s good at solving crimes, but would much rather work his ranch. He doesn’t have much use for the type of folks that populate Las Vegas, nor does he really care for the politics. He’s no nonsense, straight to the point, and a straight arrow. He is in stark contrast to Michael Chiklis’ Vincent Savino. Read More... 


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