Survivor: Philippines “Don’t be Blinded by the Headlights” Review

Survivor: Philippines returned tonight with the second episode of the 25th season entitled "Don’t be Blinded by the Headlights". I was interested to see how the Survivor crew would handle three tribes when we only have an hour as opposed to last week’s 90 minute premiere, and I think they really did an admirable job.

I think it’s very telling just how much footage needs to get crammed into the one hour episode when you see just how much got shoved into the pre-credits scenes. Not only did we get Russell’s post-tribal thoughts as he says he wants to take a more back seat role and not be a leader, but we actually see a little bit of a romance blossoming between Malcolm and Angie. Survivor romances, or "Showmances" if you will, are usually a bad idea. Boston Rob and Amber is a good example of how dangerous these couples can be, but it’s definitely a little bit dumb to be so open with your showmance this early in the game. It paints a huge target on your back, and I’m genuinely surprised that Malcolm would be so short-sighted. As the episode title indicates, he’s obviously a little blinded by Angie’s headlights… 


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