Law and Order: SVU “Lost Reputation; Above Suspicion” Review

Law and Order: SVU left us with a pretty crazy cliffhanger last season, and it took two hours and the combined episodes of "Lost Reputation" and "Above Suspicion" to clean up the mess. If you remember, Cragen was framed for the murder of an escort and SVU got caught up in the war between the city’s two big pimps with no idea who was playing whom.

Well, it turned out they could really only trust themselves and, to my surprise, Cassidy who I was fairly certain was going to have crossed over to the dark side. Should have had more faith in the former SVU-er. We also met a new character, Captain Steve Harris (fandom favorite Adam Baldwin), who took over SVU when Cragen was arrested. I like him. He’s tough, he plays by the rules, but he also seems fair. I hope he sticks around for awhile. Read More... 


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