'The Mindy Project' Premiere: Real Women Wear Sequins and Scrubs

Every Fall season, I eagerly drink in all the articles that want to convince me that some show or another is going to be the Next Big Thing -- something bigger, better, cuter, and infinitely more hilarious than everything heretofore seen since the Last Big Thing. Then, I promptly decide that not only am I going to hate everything, but that I will mutter incoherently each morning reading recaps of shows I refuse to watch based on no particular principle whatsoever. Incomprehensibly, this is the way I get excited about the Fall.

It is also how I get excited about family road trips, but that is a story for a different time.

This year, you could hardly buy your daily duo of Tanqueray and Funyons without seeing Mindy Kaling's smiling face on a magazine under the word 'Hit!' I wanted to decide to hate this show, but with a few months of Kaling's Twitter posts floating around my feed winning me over with her special brand of acerbic observation and truth-telling, I just couldn't help but get a little excited to maybe actually like something for a change, instead of loving to hate something while secretly really posting very involved comments about it on BuddyTV under a fake name.  No, I'm kidding. I don't do that (yes, I do).



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