'Grey's Anatomy' Kevin McKidd Q&A: Things Aren't Over for Owen and Cristina

ABC's Grey's Anatomy returns for Season 9 on Thursday at 9pm. Who survives the plane crash and what will the new season bring for our favorite surgeons? Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) addresses the aftermath of the tragedy and offers his insights on what the future holds for Owen and Cristina.

Shonda Rhimes (series creator) has said that the season premiere is going to be a flash forward that drops the audience into the story a few months past the plane crash. Can you talk about what challenges Owen is dealing with as the season opens, professionally and personally?

He's going to keep everybody together, keep everyone on track and recover. He's trying to keep his hospital together. It's tough. The key element of your hospital. Lexie has died. People are leaving. People are changing. People are in a different place. Derek, his top neurosurgeon, has problems physically with his hand after the crash. So it's a lot. It's a lot for him to manage this. He does a good job but it weighs on him heavily, to try to keep the hospital afloat and functioning. But I think he steps up to it, yeah. He does a pretty good job. Owen's good with difficult, traumatic situations, I think, so he manages to keep himself together.



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