Sons of Anarchy "Laying Pipe" Aftermath - It's All Devils From Here on Out

So Sons of Anarchy laid a brutal game changer on our laps last night.  It was sad, it was violent, it was enraging, but most of all it was disorienting.  The loss of Opie carries huge and dangerous implications for Jax Teller, and I'd dare say for anyone around him, and as always the precursors to what happens next were pulsing in the subtext of the episode.

When Opie died the difference between "brother" and "brotherhood" became immediately clear.  As brothers—and I should mention that Opie and Jax were as close to being brothers without sharing parents, a difference you'd be hard pressed to pinpoint—Opie and Jax shared a dream from the beginning of the Sons of Anarchy as something more than the business they indulge in.  It was an ideal, a lifestyle, a heightened state of 'family' that few would ever know outside of the Sons of Anarchy.  The business, the money, as always corrupts, but even in the grip of the high brought on by stacks of cash there always seemed to be an existential argument going on within Jax, within Opie, fanning out into most of the club, and occasionally spoken aloud.  It was a philosophy that some within the club would kill to keep from taking root. Read More...


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