'Survivor: Philippines': Cookies? Angie is Cheryl from 'Miss Congeniality'


The premiere saw crazy Zane come out of the gates ready to play. Unfortunately, he played himself right out of "Survivor." Whoops. Who will go home tonight?MatsingAngie and Malcolm are cozying up because it's cold. Hmm. Malcolm is worried about getting "booty blind." Heh. And Roxy worries he is falling into a literal booby trap. Double heh. But she knows that needs to be put down before it gets a head of steam going. She recruits Russell to her way of thinking and they obviously need Malcolm at this point for physical challenges, so Angie has a huge target on her back at this point. When Denise is brought in on it, she is worried about her alliance with Malcolm, but she should be rejoicing at this news. If they happen to lose, Denise has to be worried she'd be targeted as the older woman, plus getting Angie out of the way solidifies her alliance...



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