Castle Sneak Peeks: 5.02 "Cloudy With A Chance Of Murder"

Well, it looks like things are going great for our dynamic crime fighting duo in regards to their brand new relationship. At least, that's what the sneak peeks for episode number 2, "Cloudy with a Chance of Murder" seems to indicate. Apparently, Castle and Beckett had enough alone time to get acquainted with each other since Martha and Alexis went to Europe and, well, Beckett was suspended, so she had to find something to do, right?

The first sneak peek is enough to melt all your shipper little hearts - I know I was a little puddle on the floor after watching it several times  - and it just seems like they're so comfortable around each other and just dove right into this easy relationship. The banter is still there, so it looks like we don't have anything to worry about. Except for this entertainment reporter who will most likely try to seduce Castle. But hey, jealous Beckett is always entertaining and now that they're actually together, things will be even more interesting, especially because they're keeping their new relationship status under wraps.

Lanie is definitely onto something and I wonder how long it will take for her to figure it out. Also, things are still rocky between Ryan and Esposito, which will actually be really interesting to see how they are going to patch things up, considering that they have to work together on a daily basis.

Anyway, is it Monday yet?

Castle is scheduled to air on October 1 at 10/9C on ABC.


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