Jeanne Tripplehorn Debuts on Criminal Minds: Hit or Miss?

The Criminal Minds Season 8 premiere tossed Jeanne Tripplehorn right into the thick of it, as the new cast member - in the role of BAU member Alex Blake - helped the team investigate The Silencer, a murderer who sews the mouths of his victims shut.

Pretty standard for this CBS procedural, really.

What did you think of the show's return? Of the Case of the Week? And of Tripplehorn's debut in particular?

Sound off now on the actress' first appearance:

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Oct 7, 2012 3:53AM EDT

I do not like her character- Alex Blake. I couldn't stop thinking were I saw this actress before and I it was so annoying (she isn't famous enough to be remembered but she isn't knew and her face seemed familiar). Alex Blake is smart in very irritating way (her attitude towards Morgan and a line that made me dislike her completely: "Yes, Reid and I will..." They may be geniuses but the brain-work isn't just theirs to do!) Reid is an incredibly smart but I love him for it. Alex hits my nerve. I would prefer Agent Seaver to comeback.

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Oct 11, 2012 10:32AM EDT

I'm not a fan of her character either. Jeanne Tripplehorn seems like a pretty talented actress and i'm not saying I dislike her or her acting, but she doesn't nessecarily 'fit in' with the team. One of the reasons I personally love watching Criminal Minds is because of how well the characters work together and how completely unique each character's personality is. The group's diverse personalities really helps veiwers be able to identify with at least one or two aspects of themselves in the characters personalities. The fact that 'the team' is composed of such a dynamic group yet there still seems to be this undeniably great chemistry between the actors is probably part of the reason for the show's success. Therefore a character that has similar personality traits as other members of the group (smart like Dr. Reid and soft spoken/calm like Hotchner) doesn't seem to be a good idea. I would prefer a more vivacious and exciting character to come to the show to really help balance out the cast. (or at least one that shows a little more emotion then Alex Blake)

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