'Once Upon a Time' Season 2 premiere: Six things to look forward to

We've seen the Season 2 premiere of "Once Upon a Time" and let us tell you, fans -- it's fantastic. The show comes back with an absolute bang and here are six things you can look forward to. The episode picks up immediately after the purple haze rolls into town. We're not going to lie -- we shed a few tears at the reunions between some of the characters. As we saw in a preview clip of the episode, Emma is not ready to deal with her parents just yet. She's got some issues to work out, while Mary Margaret is trying hard to rein in her over-the-moon-ness at finding her daughter.Fairytale Land introduces us to Prince Phillip, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty, pictured above) and Mulan. They fight a soul-sucking Dementor and steal its amulet, which then makes an appearance in Storybrooke. One guess as to who has the magic amulet.Best line: "Maybe I don't need...



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